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Supporting Galloway Dark Sky Park - One of the darkest places on the planet When the lights go low the Stars shine bright above the GallowayNightSky

Welcome to a new home on the web, for British stargazers, Galloway Night Sky -
Galloway Dark Sky Park Astronomy Park. We have one of the world’s best views of the night sky on their doorstep.
In South West Scotland's Galloway Forest Park Galloway Forest park has become the UK’s First Dark Sky Park and the first place outside the US to be named one of the best places in the world to gaze at the stars.

Learn about the stars above you, stargazing.
Learn about space the universe and link to some of the best astronomy websites on the web.
Come and Spend some of your time in South West Scotland this Week and view for yourself.

Galloway Forest Park is one of the darkest places on the planet, which makes it a great place for stargazers la lune in the UK.

The International Dark Sky Association has passed it's verdict on November 16th 2009 on the world's only dark-sky park in Scotland and that of the UK.

On the clearest night in the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park in the heart of South West Scotland

You may be able to view over 7,000 stars.

The status of Scotland's Dark Sky Park comes from the

International Association of Dark Skies (IDA). is a website to help promote and support the tourism within South West Scotland and offer advertising web space and links to other websites and local business within Galloway and South West Scotland, with links to and supporting the use of the 'Galloway Dark Sky Park' for UK Stargazers here and around the world.


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Our Mission

What is our mission?

We aim to inform people about the Dark Sky Park in Galloway, in South West Scotland, in the UK, with web links to those involved in setting up the project, and supporting the growth and interest, locally and to a world wider audience, on the Web.

We aim to offer affordable, rentable advertising for the small business, on the net within South West Scotland.

Marketing / communications professional with a passion for branding, design and social engagement.

Our aim is to encourage the growth of the tourism within the region, and support the local people who depend on this business, for their livelihood.

We believe in time and support the local economy will benefit from this project in many ways.

We aim to educate and have a number of links available to those who wish to learn and study the stars above Galloway and the plant Earth.

We aim to have a living map of Galloway and that of South West Scotland on the web.

We aim to offer local advertising, to those businesses and look forward to a brighter future here in South West Scotland.

A short history about GallowayNightSky

In my early years growing up in Liverpool, I had the pleasure of knowing a very good friend, who was a freelance photographer.

His name was Arthur Flemming, he is no longer with us, but he give me the encouragement and drive, to follow my interest into film and television and music production.

After gaining a National Diploma in Media in Liverpool, and learning the skills which I now hold, and keep on learning, year by year, my knowledge and interest still grows.

I moved to Stranraer from Liverpool in 1996, with my wife, and children. My wife is from the town of Stranraer.

I fell in love with South West Scotland the very first time I drove up from Liverpool.

It was on an early January morning, the light had just broke on the A75, it was like finding a hidden place, no one know about, but me.

This is the place I now call my Home and the place I now work.

Like true love and many other of the best things in human life, the beauty of the night sky is not for sale, but is free for all to enjoy.

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